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Awards for 2013-14 Show Season

We are thrilled to share the following awards for this show season. 🙂
RW SGC Familytimerags Beau of Romancenrags

TICA South Central 13th Best Cat
TICA South Central 5th Best Longhair Cat                                                                               TICA South Central 2nd Best Ragdoll Cat                                                                               TICA South Central Best Sealpoint Mitted Ragdoll  Cat

TICA 2nd Best Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cat


We loved showing our sweet Beau and are grateful to our friends CJ,Stormi,and Ashlan Nell for this wonderful boy. He is producing very nice babies and enjoying his life away from the show hall. We will miss showing him, but hope to have a kitten from him to show in the near future.


                                          CH Romancenrags Love at First Purr

TICA South Central Best Sealpoint Bicolor Ragdoll


This was a pleasant surprise as Lovey only attended a couple shows this season !

Compadres Cat Show in Vinton,La. January 25-26, 2014

Beau had a fabulous show in Vinton, competing with 11 other wonderful ragdolls. He was able t0  make 8 finals, including a Best LH and  Best Allbreed Cat.

Pictured is his Best LH final with Toni Meisberger. Beau_Best

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Romance’N Rags Glory in Grace First Kitten Show

Our four month old blue mitted kitten, Romancenrags Glory in Grace, had her first 2 finals with Steve Savant ( a 9th and 10th best Allbreed) at the Compadres Cat Show in Vinton ,La. January 25-26,2014. What a pleasant surprise as the competition consisted of three much bigger boys ! Hoping for a promising show career. 🙂Grace-1st-final-VInton-2014-001.1

Supreme Grand Champion Familytimerags Beau of Romance ‘N Rags !

Beau achieved his Supreme title at the Red River Rascals show in Oklahoma City October 20,2013. It has been thrilling to watch Beau grow and to show him over the past few months. He is an incredibly sweet as well as beautiful boy. We are forever grateful to our friends C.J., Stormi and Ashlan for trusting us with our beautiful Beau. We are now looking forward to Beau babies in the near future ! Beau_supreme_0062



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SC Regional Houston, Tx. August 4,2013

20130802_120344 20130802_120307 20130802_120255 20130802_120208

The regional show theme, Regional Roundup, was used when I decorated for the show. The show hall and banquet areas were very western, uncluding wanted posters. Beau was able to get two 6 Best AB finals against several older and bigger cats. Pictured is Beau’s 6th Best AB with Remy Pascal.


Wichita Falls,Tx Show July 13-14,2013

QGC Familytimerags Beau of Romancenrags  received 5 finals in Wichita Falls, three  2 BEST AB, and  two 6th BEST AB.

Rosenberg Tx. Show

20130630_112544(1)  BEST LH in Donna Armel’s Ring

           Beau continues to be a show stopper as he receives 7 finals –

          2 BEST AB, BEST LH,  4thAB, 5th AB, 9 thAB, and 4thLH.

Beau was the Best Ragdoll of the show !

beau_4238Photo by Helmi

Beau is a Champion at his first adult show in Huntsville, Alabama !


Familytimerags Beau of Romancenrags attended his first show as an adult in Alabama June 15-16,2013 at eight months of age. beau_4252.1 He received 4 finals and is now a champion! Way to go Beau!

10 finals including 2 Best AB and Best LH Kitten for Beau !

Familytimerags Beau of Romancenrags was the Best Ragdoll kitten of the show and second best kitten with 10 finals : 2 BEST AB,              1 BEST LH, 3LH, 4Lh, 5LH, 4AB,5AB, 2-6AB. He is growing into such an awesome boy !5883_286454984825406_785125235_n[1]  941606_286455021492069_991253532_n[1] 946809_286454988158739_680400948_n[1] 983866_286454991492072_497977032_n[1]

Beau’s First Best Kitten Final in OKC