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Feline Paw Foundation Show Deer Park,Tx January 26-28,2018

Romancenrags Forever in Harmony and Romancenrags Patience N Destiny enjoyed the 3 day show in Deer Park January 26-28,2018. The ragdoll class was very competitive with seven beautiful adults. Harmony was Best of Breed in two rings and received a 5th Best Longhair and a 4th Best Allbreed final. She was also selected as the 4th Best show cat ( Mayor’s Choice) by the mayor of Deer Park’s wife. Harmony received a beautiful rosette that reminded me of a homecoming mum! It was such a fun show! Here are some pictures of my two beautiful girls.


Seguin,Tx.Show Memories

We had a great time at the back to back CFA shows in Seguin,Tx. July 30-31,2016. Despite tough competition, Romancenrags Hunka Burning Love “Red”, our ten month old flamepoint bicolor had two finals and his sister Patience n Destiny, our blue cream bicolor had one as well. Red decided to climb to the top of the scratching pole to look around the show hall in the last ring of the day. That’s one we will remember!

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Video clips from the show (they will download and then can be played)

IMG_0013      Red’s Best LH Champion Final

IMG_0012 Pateince in a ring

IMG_0011 Red in a ring
IMG_0010 Patience in a ring

IMG_0009 Red in a ring


New Champions in Vinton!

Romancenrags had a wonderful show in Vinton,LA Novemeber 14 ,2015. We were thrilled to take two of our cats to their first TICA show. Our beautiful 10 month old sealpoint girl, Romancenrags Sealed with Promise, started the show off right with a Best of Breed in the very first ring and a 3rd Best Allbreed Cat from Kay DeVilbiss. She placed in breed several times with a group of 10 ragdolls showing. That was so exciting! Our nine month old seal lynxpoint boy, Romancenrags Believe in Miracles (aka Levi) also made a good showing in breed several times and a Best of Breed and 8th Best Allbreed Cat from Joe Edwards. The excitement continued as our good friends at Familytimerags got a supreme on Romancenrags Faith in Miracles (seal lynx mitted girl). We could not have imagined
a better show !Promise_310013939642207156_oLEVI_0098

Bubba had a fabulous time at the Heart of Texas Show in Waco,Tx. Feb.14-15,2015

Familytimerags Luva Bubba Blue Bear, affectionately known as “Bubba” had a great time at the  Valentine’s Day show. The judges showed him some love with several finals. He was competing against six other wonderful ragdoll kittens. He received a Best Longhair, a 7th Best AB, 5th Best AB and 4th Best AB. His favorite girl, Romancenrags Faith in Miracles owned by our friends at Familytimerags had a great show as well. She received a Best AB kitten form Hisako Yamada. Way to go Bubba and Faith !waco3 waco5 waco6 waco41 waco34 waco12 waco20 waco25 waco27 waco30 20150215_154420 20150215_154441




Familytimerags Luva Bubba Blue Bear and Romancenrags Faith in Miralces enjoyed the Vinton Show Jan.31-Feb.1.

Bubba, our blue bicolor boy from Familytimerags, continued enjoying his show career as a kitten. He shot to the top of the scratching pole when he got the chance several times. He got 5 nice finals against a class of 6 beautiful  ragdoll kittens , 4 other bicolors and Faith  a seal lynx mitted from Romance ‘N Rags. Bubba received a 3rd AB 4thAB, 2ndLH, 2ndLH, and 3rdLH . Unfortunately I missed getting photos of all of the finals, but did get some great shots.

This was Faith’s first kitten show and she acclimated extremely well to the show experience. She was in breed numerous times and  received a Best  AB Kitten from D.Kovic. Thank you Stormi and CJ for allowing us to show Bubba and for loving and showing Faith. We will have a great time showing these two together !Bubba_Vinton20150201_101224 Bubba_Vinton20150201_101303 Bubba_Vinton20150201_101324 Bubba_Vinton_1538 Bubba_Vinton_1539 Bubba_Vinton_1619 Bubba_Vinton_1683 Bubba_Vinton_1694 Bubba_Vinton_1697 Faith_Best-Kitten_Vinton_1703 Faith_Vinton_1519 Faith_Vinton_1523 Faith_Vinton_1535 Faith_Vinton_1572

Bubba’s first CFA show.

photocrati galleryFamilytimerags Luva Bubba Blue Bear AKA “Bubba”, our newest addition at Romance’NRags , had a great time at his first CFA show this weekend at Houston Cat Club’s show in Humble,Tx. He was fortunate enough to receive two finals, a 2nd LH and 8th LH with 7 ragdoll kittens competing and a Longhair count of 34 kittens.  Bubba enjoyed himself playing in the rings and climbing on the scratching pole when he got the chance. Way to go Bubba !

Bubba at Waxahachi,Tx. Show December 13-14, 2014

Familytimerags Luva Bubba Blue Bear “Bubba” had a great time at his second show. He was very comfortable and enjoyed climbing the scratching poles when allowed to do so.  He received 4 finals including a Best Kitten, Best LH Kitten, 2nd Best Kitten, and 6th Best LH Kitten against 4-5 beautiful kittens, including three other blue bicolors.He is so much fun at the show. We are looking forward to his next show !

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Bubba’s First Show

Our newest addition, Familytimerags Luva Bubba Blue Bear attended his first show in Corpus Christi 11/29-30/2014. Bubba had a great time playing with the judges and even climbing to the top of the scratching pole in his second ring. Bubba did well as a four month old,competing with several older kittens. Bubba was  Best of Breed three times and received a 7th Best Allbreed kitten and 9th Best Allbreed kitten with 36 kittens showing.He was 2nd and 3rd of Breed a couple times as well. Bubba_first_show20141128_153646_resized Bubba_first_show20141128_172830_resizedBubba_first final20141129_154936_resizedBubba_first_shwo20141129_142546_resizedBubba _final_7th Bubba_finals20141130_155337_resizedGreat start to what I think will be a fun show career with our Bubba !   🙂