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                          Rowdy and Jude


              Romance ‘N Rags  is a small cattery located in Cypress, Tx ( northwest                  Houston area). We began our love affair with ragdolls when we adopted two ragdoll       kittens for our anniversary. We wanted a gift that would express the love we                     shared and one that would
Kitty Playtime 095   give us enjoyment for many years.      We sure picked the right gift !

      Mel selected a kitten that he liked  ( we later named him Rowdy since  that described him so well. ) I chose,  Jude, a blue mitted boy that I loved when I first saw him. He was possible show quality. Until that time,we had not considered showing. We became hooked when we went as spectators to our first cat show. Since we wanted both of the kittens to go when we went to shows, Rowdy went along as our household pet. He stole the show and later became a Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Master.  Because of the enjoyment we experienced with our first ragdoll boys, we decided that we  wanted to adopt a girl and Romance N Rags began……We love the ability that we now have  to share wonderful ragdoll kittens with others. Rowdy’s gallery is below. Jude’s gallery can be found on our Sires page.

                                                                                                            Jude and Rowdy as Kittens

Gimme Five_2910x1671

                                                                                                                          RW SGM Rowdy

Abby and Rowdy_1379x1050.jpgB7191215.jpgIMG_0036_3456x2304.pngIMG_0153_3136x2146.pngIMG_0486_edited-1.JPGIMG_0490_1728x1152.jpgKitty Playtime 112_3456x2304.jpgQGM Rowdy_1346x1173.jpgRagdolls 028_1728x1152.jpgRagdolls 030_1728x1152.jpgRagdolls 034_1728x1152.jpgRagdolls 035_1728x1152.jpgRowdylookingup_1115x884.jpgRowdyYawns_3456x2304.jpg