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Rosenberg Tx. Show

20130630_112544(1)  BEST LH in Donna Armel’s Ring

           Beau continues to be a show stopper as he receives 7 finals –

          2 BEST AB, BEST LH,  4thAB, 5th AB, 9 thAB, and 4thLH.

Beau was the Best Ragdoll of the show !

beau_4238Photo by Helmi

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Beau is a Champion at his first adult show in Huntsville, Alabama !


Familytimerags Beau of Romancenrags attended his first show as an adult in Alabama June 15-16,2013 at eight months of age. beau_4252.1 He received 4 finals and is now a champion! Way to go Beau!

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10 finals including 2 Best AB and Best LH Kitten for Beau !

Familytimerags Beau of Romancenrags was the Best Ragdoll kitten of the show and second best kitten with 10 finals : 2 BEST AB,              1 BEST LH, 3LH, 4Lh, 5LH, 4AB,5AB, 2-6AB. He is growing into such an awesome boy !5883_286454984825406_785125235_n[1]  941606_286455021492069_991253532_n[1] 946809_286454988158739_680400948_n[1] 983866_286454991492072_497977032_n[1]

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